Your Best Face Forward 2015-Aquarius

Written in the Stars:  Beauty Trends for the Aquarius Lass

Water-bearers, you are in for quite the year! 2015 is your year for love and for career success-you’re going to have it all! Time to prepare yourself for high-powered meetings and romantic getaways.

Free spirited Aquarians never shy away from a moment, and love to mix it up. Think beautifully bold! Teals not only provide a much needed pop of colour, but it’s complimentary too! A touch of gold also helps this gal stand out in a crowd. Check out our top beauty choices for this lovely air sign lady.

Your Best Face Forward in 2015



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Aquarians we love: Jennifer Aniston, Kerry Washington, Lauren Conrad, and Justin Timberlake (he won’t be wearing makeup, but we love you, boo!)



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