Summer Shimmer, Festival Ready Nails

Pull out those flowing dresses and skirts, floppy hats, sunscreen and sandals, it’s almost summer festival season and butter LONDON is here to help with nail are looks to help you shimmer and shine! Summer is the season of showing off your nails with some fabulous, colorful lacquers. Especially lacquers that keep your nails conditioned and nourished while you dance the day away.

Always on trend, shimmer and sparkle are the only way to go but when you add in good-for-you ingredients for your nails you can be fabulous and guilt free! While you’re strolling and taking in the beauty summer whether at a festival, concert, or laying out for a relaxing day, butter LONDON and Emily (@dimondsndprls) have a few nail trend tips and trends that will help you get in the festival mood.


For a neutral look that utilizes the negative space featuring Candy Floss & top with Aura

  1. Apply a curved piece of tape horizontally in the center of each nail.  Make to press tape down firmly, especially at the edges of the nail. Emily opted for curved rather than straight tape to mirror the shape of nail tip.
  2. Paint two thin coats of CANDY FLOSS.
  3. Carefully remove the tape from each nail (preferably before the polish is completely dry). Use a small cleanup brush (try a cheap eyeliner brush from the drugstore) dipped in acetone to clean up edges of the stripe.
  4. Once completely dry, apply one coat of AURA.
  5. Once totally dry, apply topcoat, we recommend Hardwear™ Shine UV Topcoat!


For a metallic & glitter reminiscent of an ocean getaway featuring Seaside + Aquatic

  1. Paint two coats of SEASIDE on all nails. Let dry completely.
  2. Add one coat of AQUATIC to accent nail(s) of your choosing.  Emily likes to accent the middle and ring fingers. How beautiful are the metallic and glitter together?!
  3. Once totally dry, apply topcoat, we recommend Hardwear™ Shine UV Topcoat!


For an intricate nail design featuring Aura, Fruit Machine + Dahling

  1. Paint two coats of Aura on all nails, allowing the first coat to dry before applying the second.
  2. Once dry, apply FRUIT MACHINE to the tips in a “V” shape. Emily recommends starting from the edge of the nail and paint diagonally towards the center, repeating from the other side. Let it dry enough and add a second coat to smooth things out.
  3. Using a striping brush (or a thin eyeliner brush), trace the outline of the “V” with DAHLING. Emily painted one diagonal line all the way to the tip of the nail for a more asymmetrical effect. Keep your hand steady and make sure you haven’t had too much coffee right before attempting.
  4. Once totally dry, we recommend Hardwear™ Shine UV Topcoat!

For an sweet, pink manicure featuring Fruit Machine + Glitz

  1. Accent nails are the easiest way to spice up a manicure. Paint two coats of FRUIT MACHINE on all nails. Let dry completely.
  2. Add two coats of GLITZ to accent nail(s) waiting for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second. Emily used two coats of the glitter to get full, even coverage.
  3. Once totally dry, apply topcoat, we recommend Hardwear™ Shine UV Topcoat!

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