Refinery29 – Pantone’s Color Of The Year Gives Us Hope For 2018

Get ready to see more and more purple with Pantone’s new Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. The provocative purple inspired our new beauty collection featuring hues of violet, metallic purple, lilac, and lavender shades to wear on your nails, lips, and eyes.

Why purple? Check out Refinery 29’s take here: Pantone’s Color Of The Year Gives Us Hope For 2018.


In a climate in which more and more women are demanding their voices be heard, it seems especially poignant that the Pantone Color Institute chose “Ultra Violet” as the 2018 Color Of The Year. After a year in which women gathered for the largest single-day demonstration in history … it feels good to be going into 2018 with a color that reflects just how strong our unity — and our feminism — really is.

Sarina Godin, Butter London’s president, says it best: “Ultra Violet conveys a sense of dignity, progress, and possibility. It celebrates non-conformity and equality. This message is symbolic of female empowerment as women continue to express themselves in a multitude of forms — whether it be bold color, activism, or other artistic expression.”

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