See Your Manicure in a Whole New Light with PURECURE™ Manicure System

PURECURE Manicure System starter kit

Hate waiting for your nails to dry? Love gel manicures but hate how they destroy your nails? We hear you. We re-imagined a new way to do an at-home mani with the new PURECURE™ Manicure System and PURECURE™ Peel-Off Lacquers, a gentler alternative to gel nail polish.

A Healthy Alternative to Gel Manicures

Get ready to think of your mani in a whole new light with nail polishes that dry under an LED light in 60 seconds, so you won’t have to worry about dings or smudges. Best of all, it doesn’t ruin your nails. (Unlike gel polish, this manicure system leaves little to no damage, without a trip to the salon.)

Nails after a Gel Manicure compared to Nails after a PURECURE Manicure

A healthier alternative to gel nail polish, our new PURECURE™ Peel-Off nail polishes dry quickly under the manicure kit’s LED light, gentler on skin than the UV light in typical gel nail polish kits and salons.

What Is 12-Free Nail Polish?

Formulated without the toxic ingredients found in many gel and traditional nail polishes, PURECURE™ Peel-Off Lacquers are 12-free nail polishes—free of harmful ingredients like BHA (Butylated hydroxyanisole) and the so-called “Toxic Trio:” DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluen, and Formaldehyde.

PURECURE Peel Off nail polish nude

How do you remove PURECURE™ Peel-Off Nail Polish?

As the innovators who created 3-free nail polish, it’s our thing to be kind to nails, so we made removal easy and gentle, too! Skip soaking your nails in harsh acetone—when you’re ready to remove the polish, just soak your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes before peeling off the PURECURE™ Peel-Off Lacquer.

Will it wear off when you’re doing dishes or in the shower? Nope!

Curious how it works? Check out the How To video.

How Does the Manicure Kit Work?

1. PREP. Prep nails with a Nail Scrubbers™ 2-in-1 Prep & Remover Wipe (included in the starter kit).

2. POLISH. Apply the basecoat and cure under the LED light for 60 seconds. Then apply 1 thin coat of polish, cure under the light. Add a second coat of color and cure under light.

3. PERFECT. Apply top coat and cure under light. Remove any residue with a Nail Scrubbers™ 2-in-1 Prep & Remover Wipe.

Manicure Tips & Tricks

We want you to have the most flawless manicure around, so here are 7 tips for the BEST results.

1. Fresh start is the best start. Use Nail Scrubbers™ 2-in-1 Prep & Lacquer Remover Wipes to prep your nails before you begin! Make sure your cuticles are pushed back, and your nails are clean and free of any oils or residue for the perfect beginning.

Prep nails with our Nail Scrubbers 2-in-1 Prep and Remover Wipes

2. Think thin coats. Apply a thin, even layer to your nails during each step of the application process. If you don’t, it won’t cure properly under the LED light.

3. Coloring inside the lines is important. Make sure to apply the PURECURE™ Peel-Off Lacquer and 2-in-1 Base & Top Coat to your nail only. If you get it on your skin, it will cause the polish to peel too soon, so clean up before you cure.

4. Make a mistake? Clean any excess nail polish or Base & Top Coat off your cuticles before curing.

5. Worth the wait. For best results, immediately cure each coat on your 4 left fingers under the LED light, then apply polish to your 4 right fingers and cure under the light. Last, polish your thumbs and cure under the light for 60 seconds.


6. Sticky is normal! Each layer stays sticky between applications, until you reach the final step. (Make sure to remove any residue with a Nail Scrubbers™ Wipe)

7. It’s a-peeling! Ready to remove the lacquer? Soak in warm water for 10 minutes before peeling, and use a cuticle pusher or your thumbnail to lift and peel off the polish. (There may be some leftover residue from your Base & Top Coat. For best results, buff any remaining residue off before your next manicure.)


With a variety of 10 shades from neutral polishes to rich red hues, it’s easy to Peel the Love with the PURECURE™ Manicure System. Check out the starter kit and all 10 shades here.

Get Lit: Glazen Face Glow

Glazen Face Glow

Get lit with the new Glazen Face Glow, a creamy skin illuminator for a dewy glow. Inspired by our cult-favorite Glazen Eye Gloss, Face Glow has a creamier texture, moisturizes dry skin, and adds a sheer natural looking glow.

Glazen Face Glow, Skin Illuminator
Glazen Face Glow

Launched in January 2017 and created for a subtle shimmer–this stuff is not a highlighter–Face Glow has a lightweight and sparkle-free formula with light-reflecting diffusers to help blur imperfections.

Glazen Face Glow swatch

Wear the paraben-free illuminator under makeup to hydrate and prep skin for a natural looking luminous finish.

Glazen Face Glow photo by @fashiondonewrite
Glazen Face Glow photo by @fashiondonewrite

Curious what the formula feels like? Pick up Face Glow on or shop the full Glazen Collection for your eyes, face, and nails.

New York Times – Dress Like It’s 2018

Ready for a 2018 refresh? In “Dress Like It’s 2018The New York Times recommends a pop of color with the 2018 Color of the Year, Ultra Violet.

Color of the Year 2018 nail polish
Color of the Year Collection nail polish. Photo by @beauty411

from the New York Times:

This year is going to be pretty purple, or so says Pantone (the authority on such matters), which named Ultra Violet as the color of the year.

To help us get into the spirit, Pantone and the cosmetics label Butter LONDON have joined forces to create a series of polishes that pay tribute to the shade.

Pantone purple and violet lip gloss
Ultra Violet Nail Polish and Lip Gloss in Mystic, Electric, and Ultra Violet. Photo: butter LONDON

See the full article here or shop our Color of the Year Collection featuring limited-edition nail polish colors in Ultra Violet, Purple Reign, Iced Lavender, and more.

Bravo – The Meaning Behind Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Nail Polish

There’s Christmas morning, and then there’s the day Pantone announces its color of the year, says’s post The Pantone Color of the Year for 2018 Has a Big Feminist Meaning.

from Bravo:

The 2018 color isn’t just about aesthetics. In fact, it has a hidden meaning that ties in perfectly with the theme of women’s empowerment that has been dominating headlines for the past several months. After all, the Women’s March and the #MeToo movement were some of the biggest news stories from 2017.

“Ultra Violet conveys a sense of dignity, progress, and possibility,” said Sarina Godin, Butter London’s president. “It celebrates non-conformity and equality. This message is symbolic of female empowerment as women continue to express themselves in a multitude of forms.”

butter LONDON + PANTONE Color of the Year Collection
butter LONDON + PANTONE Color of the Year Collection

And here’s the best news yet: though the goods won’t hit stores like Nordstrom till early next year, you can get them online now.

Read the full post about this provocative shade on

See our new line of nail colors, lip glosses, eye shadow and eyeliner celebrating Ultra Violet, the PANTONE Color of the Year 2018.

Quartz – The Color of the Year Is Definitely Not Purple

Ultra Violet

What’s the difference between Ultra Violet and Purple? A lot, according to Quartz’s “The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year Is Definitely Not Purple.”


Though they seem interchangeable, violet is not purple. Both are created by combining red and blue, but violet is deeper with more blue tones, compared to purple which has more red in its composition.

2018 is shaping into a year where we might find ourselves taking chances on the unknown. Creativity may be calling.

Ultra Violet Nail Polish
Ultra Violet Nail Polish

“Purple has a futuristic, exploratory aspect to it,” Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute said. “Purple allows us to play with the possibilities. We don’t know where we are going. But at least we are trying.”

Read more in Quartz’s post “The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year Is Definitely Not Purple.”

POPSUGAR – You Don’t Have to Wait Until 2018 to Wear Ultra Violet Makeup

Ultra Violet Pantone Color of the Year Collection

Loving the Ultra Violet trend since PANTONE announced its 2018 Color of the Year? PopSugar listed their favorite ways to wear the Color of the Year, including our new collab with PANTONE featuring Ultra Violet lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner, and (of course) nail polish.

from PopSugar:

Pantone revealed Ultra Violet as its 2018 Color of the Year and we’re already big fans. We’ve seen that its deep royal purple-blue hue looks gorgeous on hair. We’d bet it’ll look just as stellar on our nails, lips, and eyes.

Lipsticks in Ultra Violet, Wild Orchid and Canyon Rose
Lipsticks in Ultra Violet, Wild Orchid and Canyon Rose

See PopSugar’s full post, “You Don’t Have to Wait Until 2018 to Wear Ultra Violet Makeup” or browse our Ultra Violet-inspired makeup and nail polish shades at

The Fashion Spot – How to Pull Off Ultra Violet Makeup

Ultra Violet makeup and nail polish

While the idea of bold purple makeup may leave you wondering how to wear Ultra Violet, the PANTONE Color of the Year, The Fashion has you covered with inspirational looks featuring different Ultra Violet makeup and lip looks with the vibrant shade.

from The Fashion Spot:

A swipe of rich Ultra Violet on the lips can make any makeup look evening-ready while a dab of purple eyeshadow can upgrade a smoky eye. And Ultra Violet is the perfect antidote to a neutral nail polish rut.

 Purple eye makeup Violet Lipstick Purple eye makeup and nail polish

See more on The Fashion

Pantone Color of the Year Makeup Collection: Ultra Violet Makeup
butter LONDON + Pantone Color of the Year Makeup Collection

See our new Ultra Violet makeup, lip gloss, and 6 nail colors inspired by Ultra Violet, here.

The Story Behind Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet Nail Polish, The Color of the Year 2018

What’s the story behind a bright purple as the PANTONE Color of the Year? (Why not a dark grey?) Watch our interview with Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute to see how Ultra Violet, an uplifting complex shade became the color of 2018.

“We do a lot of homework when we come up with the Color of the Year,” said Eiseman, author of The Complete Color Harmony, Pantone Edition. The process of selecting a shade begins 6-9 months the year before. “We have to do a lot of research and we all travel a lot at PANTONE.”

Check out the story behind Ultra Violet below:

In a time that requires inventiveness and imagination, Eiseman explained, Ultra Violet is blend of blue and red—two seemingly opposing hues—with red’s excitement and dynamism, and a little of the quiet thoughtful attitude of blue.

Inspired by Ultra Violet, we collaborated with Pantone again this year to create a range of makeup and 6 nail colors based on the Color of the Year.

Ultra Violet, PANTONE Color of the Year 2018. photo by @jauntyjuli
Ultra Violet nail polish and fabric swatch photo by @jauntyjuli

Ready to add Ultra Violet to your look? Browse our new shades for your nails, lips, and eyes (from lilac and lavender to a sparkly metallic purple) in our Color of the Year Collection here.

Refinery29 – Pantone’s Color Of The Year Gives Us Hope For 2018

Refinery 29: Why the Color of the Year Gives Us Hope

Get ready to see more and more purple with Pantone’s new Color of the Year, Ultra Violet. The provocative purple inspired our new beauty collection featuring hues of violet, metallic purple, lilac, and lavender shades to wear on your nails, lips, and eyes.

Why purple? Check out Refinery 29’s take here: Pantone’s Color Of The Year Gives Us Hope For 2018.


In a climate in which more and more women are demanding their voices be heard, it seems especially poignant that the Pantone Color Institute chose “Ultra Violet” as the 2018 Color Of The Year. After a year in which women gathered for the largest single-day demonstration in history … it feels good to be going into 2018 with a color that reflects just how strong our unity — and our feminism — really is.

Sarina Godin, Butter London’s president, says it best: “Ultra Violet conveys a sense of dignity, progress, and possibility. It celebrates non-conformity and equality. This message is symbolic of female empowerment as women continue to express themselves in a multitude of forms — whether it be bold color, activism, or other artistic expression.”

See the full post here.