Custom Vacation Makeup

In case you didn’t know, our new BeautyClutch Collection features a bevy of eye and cheek products that allows you to customize your perfect palette for whatever occasion. Basically, we’re making it a breeze for you to pack your makeup for vacation- no more sacrificing colours in favor of a carry-on size makeup bag! We asked our Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes to demonstrate how you can get multiple looks from one customized palette.

custom clutch

First thing’s first, customize your clutch. Here, Katie combines ShadowDuo Perfect Pops from Lost In Leisure with Camel and Leather shadows from our Natural Charm ShadowClutch. Petal from our Just Darling BlushClutch is popped in for a bit of cheek colour. Sensual Nude Plush Rush Lip Liner and Tea with the Queen Lippy Liquid Lipstick adds a pretty nude sheen to the lips.


Look 1 action shot

Apply Camel (light brown) shadow to your bottom lash line with the fluffy end of your makeup brush. Apply Tourmaline (pink) shadow to the upper outer eye area. With the small end of the shadow brush, dust Leather (dark brown) shadow on the bottom lash line for a little extra depth. Sweep on a bit of mascara on the bottom lashes and and a bit of Tea with the Queen Lippy to the lips.



Look 1
Beach Day Beauty!



look 2 action shot

For your next look, add Leather (dark brown) shadow over Tourmaline (pink) and blend for a gorgeous mauve eye. Apply mascara to the top lashes, and dust blush onto the cheeks. Finish by lining and filling lips with the pencil.





Sexy mauve eye for shopping and mid-day adventuring.
Sexy mauve eye for shopping and mid-day adventuring.


Look 3 action shot

Using Agate (orange) shadow and the large end of the brush, saturate the entire lid with shadow. Blend using the fluffy end of the brush for a chic, 70’s vibe. Add more blush to accentuate cheeks, and highlight with your On the Glow Pen for a perfect, glowing complexion. Add a dab of Tea with the Queen Lippy for a glossy, kissable lip. Amp up the mascara and you’re ready for a sultry night on the town!



The perfect look for a night out on the town!
The perfect look for a night out on the town!


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