bL Party Style-Twinkle All The Way

With just 16 days until New Year’s Eve, it’s time to get that outfit in check and make sure your hair and makeup game are on point. Our 3rd Party Style look is the perfect mix of twinkle, sparkle and sass.

For this look you’ll need your Union Jack Black eye pencil, Iconoclast Lacquer Liner, Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer MascaraStardust Electralash, Trout Pout & Tea with the Queen BBLC.


 Step 1

Line upper lash line with Union Jack Black eye pencil to map out your line.

Step 2

Once happy, intensify the look with a layer of Iconoclast liner, and coat lashes with your mascara.

Step 3

On the bottom lash, use Stardust Electralash mascara and really pile it on! Turn the brush so it’s vertical and paint your lashes until they can’t shine any brighter!

Step 4

For your lips-layer on your Trout Pout crayon followed by Tea with the Queen for a subtle coral lip.

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