Best Nail Lacquer for Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re a water bearing Aquarius or the two sides of the Gemini, butter LONDON has twinned you with a shade of nail lacquer to match your personality with these Zodiac Sign pairings! It’s just like having your very own customized butter LONDON nail lacquer! How fabulous is that?!

From glitter shades, glossy brights to neutral shades and everything in between, each lacquer is matched with the personality traits for your zodiac sign. If you are a fan of Astrology – even for fun – you’ll enjoy the descriptions of each polish that will be tailored for you whether you’re earthy, passionate, vivacious, eccentric or optimistic.

If your Zodiac sign happens to be Pisces or Aries, even though your personalities seem to be on different ends of the spectrum, get ready to be equally fabulous! Kerfuffle is a soft peachy-coral creme shade for the creative and playful Pisces who’s both gentle yet emotional. The high energy vivacious and optimistic Aries is ready to rock the bright and bold Living Coral Pantone Color of the Year shade for a fun and memorable birthday celebration. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Some of butter LONDON’s popular lacquers are included in these pairings. For Taurus, the natural tone of Yummy Mummy “exemplifies your patient and serene qualities”. Lemon Drop is for the “cheerful and modest” Virgo. The “eccentric” nature of the Aquarius is ready to shimmer in Rock Crushed Diamonds. Each shade is ready to be included into your beauty regimen and add to the beauty of your own personality.

These great shades make for great birthday gifts for friends and family who are just as obsessed with their nails and astrology as you! You can wear your Zodiac Sign lacquer on your birthday, all during your birthday month, Zodiac season or even all year! It’s your party, do what you like!

Each shade is an added gift for your birthday celebrations as you take your mani – pedi to another level of self-expression and self-love with your very own nail lacquer that fits you! Are you ready for a night out on the town with friends to celebrate your special day or are you taking the classic road and bringing in your own personal new year with a glass of champagne and fine dining? However, you chose to party, let YOU shine through. Even on your nails!

Check out your zodiac shade below!


Kerfuffle Nail Lacquer
Gentle and emotional personality traits deserves a neutral, but playful mani to bring out your creative side like this soft peachy-coral creme.


Living Coral Patent Shine 10X Pantone Color of the Year
Be your vivacious, optimistic and ambitious self in a bright, bold coral lacquer.


Yummy Mummy Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer
Paint your nails in this relaxing earth tone with a touch of shimmer, that exemplifies your patient and serene qualities.


Twee Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer
This versatile shade of pink is the perfect shade to showcase Gemini’s adaptable and social demeanor, reach for a light pink creme.


Giddy Kipper Nail Lacquer
Perfect for the water sign Cancer, you can never go wrong with this shimmering indigo to bring out your creative, emotional & resilient side.


Kip Nail Lacquer
To help you stand in your limelight, embrace your royal status in this shimmering skycloud lacquer.


Lemon Drop Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer
Channel Virgo’s responsible, logical, perfectionist traits with a buttery yellow shade that’s both muted and cheerful.


Glitz Peel-Off Glitter Nail Lacquer
Romantic, balanced and alluring, Libras pair perfectly with this sparkly lacquer that’s equal parts neutral and glitter.


Regal Red Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer
Passionate and seductive, Scorpios can show off their fiery personality in this true red creme lacquer.


Flusher Blusher Patent Shine 10X
Free spirited Sagittarius’ can embrace their inner traveler in this adventurous hot pink.


Cotton Buds Nail Lacquer
For the practical, responsible, and navigating Capricorn, a classic white mani does the trick.


Rock Crushed Diamonds Patent Shine 10X Nail Lacquer
Originality and independence mean a lot to the eccentric Aquarius, making this shimmering bronze hue an easy choice.

Whenever your birthday and whichever shade is for you, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

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