Behind the Curtain-Steampunk Ball

Holiday has been unveiled! By now, you have seen our incredible Steampunk Ball collection (anyone else absolutely DYING over the Gears & Gadgets Ultimate Lacquer Trunk?!), and hopefully you’ve already purchased a few sets to share with your nearest and dearest this Holiday season. The real fun is how we got from A-Z. With a little help from our Product Development team, we’ve got some inside scoop on what it takes to create a beautiful Holiday gift collection for our Bezzie Mates.

Because we believe in all things Great Britain, Fashion, and Rock & Roll, doing a steampunk collection was never far from our minds. Steampunk is the intersection of industry and technology, with Victorian Era style. Think Game of Thrones or Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. As soon as we saw elements of steampunk on the runway and in pop culture, we knew Holiday would be the perfect moment to do a translation of this movement. You will see, our collection is full of metallic, rich textures, and opulent colours. The stage is set for a new realm in fashion, so come join our Steampunk Ball!



“In today’s world of imagination and technology, Steampunk has never been more relevant…the steampunk anthology is a play of Victorian fashion with edgy, industrial-like accents. Think frilly dresses with metal corsets or laced-up boots and brass goggles.”



“Each set pays homage to the different elements that makeup steampunk. Gears & Cheers celebrates the mechanical metallics of steampunk, while Clockwork Couture plays on steampunk’s unique and unabashedly provocative fashion.”

Check out the entire collection here!

Cheers! xx

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